Mistress Elena Rochelle

Disciplinarian, Spankologist, Dominatrix, Adult Baby Mommy


Disciplinarian and Spankologist

Ms. Rochelle can do the three general types of spanking including  relaxing, theraputic and discipline spankings.  Also included are the following options:

  •  Over the Knee Spankings 
  • ( OTK )


  • Corporal &  Judicial Punishment
  • ( CP )


  • Role Play


  • Bare Handed Spankings


  • Leather  Implements


  • Caning


  • Paddling


  • Men, Women and Couples
female spanked

No sexual services

"I  am going to blister your bottom like you have always needed. I will not tolerate bad behaivior.

Get over here and get the spanking you deserve!"


and Discipline

Are you a spanko?

Have you thought about getting spanked since you were a child?

Do you have fantasies that involve spanking?

Then You Are A   Spanko.