Mistress Elena Rochelle

Disciplinarian, Spankologist, Dominatrix

Ms. Rochelle can do the three general types of spanking including relaxing, theraputic and discipline spankings. Also included are the following options:


and Discipline

Are you a spanko?


Have you thought about getting spanked since you were a child?

Do you have fantasies that involve spanking?

Then You Are A Spanko.


  • Over the Knee Spankings ( OTK )


  • Corporal & Judicial Punishment ( CP )


  • Role Play


  • Bare Handed Spankings


  • Leather Implements


  • Caning


  • Paddling

"I am going to blister your bottom like you have always needed. I will not tolerate bad behaivior.

Get over here and get the spanking you deserve!"

Disciplinarian and Spankologist